Finance and Controlling 

Convergent markets – plus competition and cost pressure – are challenging companies to take an increasingly dynamic and flexible approach to customer relationship management. Change and diversification in sales channels, plus new products and tariff models resulting from shorter cycles of innovation are increasingly challenging the following order-to-cash processes. Here, the approach is to use flexible billing and rating processes to establish new customers and product lines. At the same time, this requires an especially high level of implementation quality, to ensure that revenue can also be secured into the long term. Key factors for revenue assurance – from a formula of satisfied customers, high sales and low costs – are account management with functional and technical flexibility plus a simultaneously high level of process quality.

MS&C's USP in this segment: comprehensive industry-standard expertise in terms of process and technical solution options enables the rapid identification and implementation of the optimum evolutionary pathway for the sector and product range in question. We support companies in the identification, implementation and optimisation of strategically compatible conceptual models for these challenges.

We offer solid expertise on the following topics:

  • Payment
  • Billing and revenue management
  • Credit and risk management


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