Marketing and Sales 


The level of acceptance of a company's products and services by the consumer is a defining factor in the economic success of the enterprise and is of paramount importance for the realisation of sustainable and profitable growth.

In what is now an increasingly networked world, customers are able to choose from an ever-growing number of comparable products, presenting companies with the problem of how to address their customers in a targeted way over the long-term and inspire them to choose their products and services.

Under such conditions, effective and focused marketing and sales activities provide essential leverage for a company to respond flexibly to economic changes in the marketplace and ensure long-lasting customer success.In working with our customers, we draw on many years of experience and expertise to comprehensively optimise their sales and marketing activities.

Our core expertise in this area includes:

  • Quotation and price optimisation
  • Market entry and positioning strategies
  • Product and service portfolio management
  • Product development and innovation management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales management and optimisation


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